FILLES A PAPA / Sequin Embellished Jeans / Stone Washed / Black / W28


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Slim jeans FILLES A PAPA in washed Black denim with metallic green/blue sequins zone on the knees.

Designer: Prada
Material: Wool
Size: 28US= FR38 (Waistline : 40 cm – Length : 107 cm – Inseam : 81 cm – Opening at feet : 17 cm)
Condition: very good, unworn with tag

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Designer portrait


From Belgium With Love: FILLES A PAPA embodies all that belgian fashion represents. FILLES A PAPA is an attitude, a deliberate rebellious streak. The brand naturally reveals its outsider spirit and desire to rebel. Every piece is positioned to counterbalance the universe and the union of opposing messages.

FILLES A PAPA, the too much uninhibited. Sequins, sportswear, games of cuts and materials, mixed with catchy and clearly provocative slogans, the Filles à Papa collections are not for everyone. Because you shouldn’t be afraid to attract attention.

“There is not a part that is not referenced.” Reference: this is what today, in a hyper-saturated market, makes a product stand out.

Beyoncé, Céline Dion, Rita Ora, Kourtney Kardashian or Marion Cotillard wear their creations.

Brand website:
Biographic sources: GRAZIA, La Meuse