Our values

The “produce, use, throw and move to the next trend” is regretfully still the mainstream linear economic system. More than ever, changing the way we consume is needed.
As a result, the circular economy is the new ethical concept to apply on every domain, especially in fashion.


Above all, circularity is a sustainable mindset and not just a « wave » to surf on.
We present an edited selection of designer clothes and accessories, mostly for women, from the late 80’s to the mid 2000’s. In other words, « nearly new » items from previous collections, unworn, most of them still with the original label, coming out from those glorious decades.
Why buy current releases « copy paste » version of these when you can get the originals?
Coco Chanel said “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”.

Heel pumps, sandals, boots, sneakers, tops, blouses, vests, pants, 3/4, jeans, skirts, dresses…
We propose thousands of garments and shoes for all seasons in various styles, materials and sizes.
Therefore, putting back to life old treasures of fashion is our contribution to circularity.


The « zero waste » objective starts by buying long lasting items.
Our stock includes Belgian, French, Italian, American, British, Deutsch quality designers and brands all listed in the brands page of the site.
Proposing designer brands at affordable prices is our way to increase responsible purchase and reduce the negatives effects of fast fashion on our ecosystem.


All our garments and shoes were sourced from official channels.
Becoming expert sellers on niche platforms such as VestiaireCollective.fr and Rebelle.com where each item is controlled means we prove over and over again our attachment to authenticity.
Hundreds of satisfied customers receive authentic items and have peace of mind knowing what they see is what they get.
In short, selling original items is how we help protect trademark and banish circulation of fake goods.

Interested in discovering fashion treasures?

We will be glad to welcome you by appointment in our showroom.
We are also open to collaborating with professionals from the clothing and film industry.

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