A.F.VANDEVORST / Heeled Sandals / Leather / Madonna blue


(Original retail price: €395)

A.F.VANDEVORST heeled sandals in soft nappa leather in “Madonna blue” color. Nappa is a protective treatment applied to leather to make it more resistant to sun and weather.
2 adjustable straps: one at the ankle and the other on the front of the foot.
A.F.VANDEVORST branded insoles.

Made in: Italy
Material: nappa leather
Condition: very good, never worn


Designer portrait


A.F.VANDEVORST is a Belgian fashion brand, based in Antwerp.

Designers An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx met in 1987 on their first day of school at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. An Vandevorst was Dries Van Noten’s first assistant for six and a half years. She was the very first to come out of Mr Van Noten’s maison.
Their collection included references and inspirations that came to play a defining role in the brand over the past 20 years: Joseph Beuys, the red cross, religion, horses and horse-riding accoutrements, rivets, lingerie, uniforms and fetish shoes


A.F.VANDEVORST shoes are all made artisanally in Italy, in real leather. During their 22 year journey, the designers worked with an italian shoemaker company that became their shoe design relatives.

Editorial source and website: www.afvandevorst.be



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